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Heath Hinze Psy.D.

Heath Jason Hinze, Psy.D

Heath Jason Hinze, Psy.D

Clinical Psychologist

Dr. Heath Hinze completed his Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology at UCLA before receiving a Master’s Degree in Psychology at the Clinical School of Professional Psychology and Doctorate in Clinical Psychology at Ryokon College. He has expertise in the field of chronic pain, sleep architecture, trauma and rehabilitation. For over a decade, Dr. Hinze has assisted clients in identifying and overcoming obstacles generated by depression, fear and anxiety in order to achieve functional improvement.

According to Dr. Hinze, “Success is rarely gained in recovery from a chronic injury when debilitating fear and depression are present. These individuals struggle to follow the rehabilitation protocols of their providers that would allow for functional gains. Sleep, exercise and adherence to proper nutrition are paramount to a successful recovery.”

Dr. Hinze helps people develop the coping strategies to confront the roadblocks caused by depression and anxiety that interfere with initiating and maintaining the necessary healthy behaviors essential for their rehabilitation.

But the Texas-born Dr. Hinze also makes time for play! He never misses a local UCLA Basketball or Football game.

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